Exam Success Lifestyle Workshops Series for students & parents at The Hundred Wellness Center, Dubai.

The Hundred Wellness Centre. Dubai. 1 of 3 seminars: Eating for Energy Monday 16 May, 4pm Learn how to feed your body what it needs to stay energised during the exam period. Take aways: Learn how to balance blood sugar and stop those after school slumps Know what foods to eat to feel energised Take-way practical meal tips and advice; including revision snacks and what to eat before your exam Please visit: The Hundred Wellness Centre

Wellness Wednesday Seminar ‘Slow Down And Live More’

Slow Down And Live More will develop your understanding of how stress effects the body, both physically and mentally and teach you how to slow down without the feeling of guilt or sense of failure. By slowing down we start to enjoy life and appreciate the world around us.   As a former middle manager and teacher for a global education company Heidi has over 9 years experience teaching and empowering young people to take ownership of their learning and successes. Her experience as a teacher provided her a gateway to support young people achieve optimal health. She teaches holistic... View Article

Wellness Wednesday ‘Immune Health’

First in a series of 3 seminars that will be held at Dubai College as part of their Wellness Wednesday Initiative for Sixth Form students. The opening seminar looks how we need to look after the health of our gut to support a strong immune system. Signs of a dysfunctional gut will be discussed as well as the healing properties of food to help build and maintain a healthy and strong immune system.