Keep On Track – Even When Life Gets Tough

August 9, 2017 7:46 am

When times gets stressful or when life gets overwhelming, sometimes just thinking about self-care can feel like too much to deal with – to be honest, its sometimes the last thing we even think about when we need it most. When a lifestyle change is made, it’s actually easy to keep it up when life is running smoothly, but life doesn’t run that way, not in the long term anyway. We all have times when life gets tough and we have to deal with difficult emotions. We could even argue that ‘lifestyle change’ isn’t fully achieved until we have actually... View Article

5 Ways To Crowd Out Anxiety

August 6, 2017 7:41 pm

Stress and anxiety is all part of the human experience; it should not be viewed as a bad thing or a failure on your part – we all experience it from time to time, in various forms and various situations. In fact, a small dose of stress and anxiety in new and challenging situations can be great for focus and motivation to keep moving forward with goals/projects/sports we take on. Even when stress is heightened and is out of your control, we as human beings are built to be able to cope with it for a short amount of time... View Article

How To Take Out The Overwhelm Of Change – 3 Effective Steps

November 4, 2016 9:22 am

You’ve got the drive to make a change, you’ve researched ‘how to _____?’, you’ve even told your family and friends you are on a mission to improve your life (run 5k, lose weight, study nutrition, eat healthier, get fit, get toned…) You start tomorrow… and for no particular reason (or maybe you do have a list of excuses) you fail to start. Overwhelm has kicked-in, confidence is knocked and you realise, you don’t actually know where or how to start! Having the self-belief you can successfully achieve change is the biggest potential barrier to starting. Low confidence, fear of the... View Article