Why Counting Calories Isn’t Doing You (Or Your Waistline) Any Good

August 1, 2017 7:06 pm

Over fad diets? Who isn’t! The secret to never going on a fad diet again and avoiding the weight-loss-weight-gain-weight-loss cycle is to switch your mindset from counting calories to counting nutrients. The latter is much more enjoyable than counting calories as you get to focus on the quality of the food that you’re putting into your body and how your body feels once it is digested. By choosing to focus your attention on eating nutrient-rich foods, you will start to feel lighter, more energetic, and healthier. You’ll find that you recover quicker from workouts, have a stronger immune system, and... View Article

Insiders Guide: Trail Verbier St-Bernard

July 11, 2017 10:48 am

After my experience in 2016 of running the Eiger Ultra Trail I knew I wanted to do another trail adventure the following summer. Seaching through ‘Run The Alps’ website earlier this year Trail Verbier St-Bernard stood out to my husband and myself as the next Alps adventure for us to take on. Since running my first marathon 4 years ago I set myself the challenge to stay fit and strong enough to be able to run at least marathon distance in a new part of the world every year for as long as I can. This was the next new... View Article

My Lululemon Global Ambassador Summit Diary

June 27, 2017 8:30 am

Harpars Bazaar Arabia share my diary of my time in Vancouver for the Lululemon Global Summit earlier this year. Food, fun and fitness in Vancouver Saturday 22 April 10pm DXB I’m flying to Vancouver today for the Lululemon Ambassador Summit! I’m feeling excited and kind of intrigued to what I am letting myself in for! Before I go I need to prep a few flight essentials: Homemade granola bars, sweet potato bread and a couple of bags of Smith St Paleo balls. I’m definitely going to want to get some sleep over the next 22 hours; I pack my lavender... View Article