Little Known Ways Build Self-Confidence

November 28, 2016 2:32 am

Let’s not confuse self-confidence with the annoying person in our lives who ‘loves themselves a little too much – this is arrogance’! Despite having good intentions, many people live their lives in the background of others, not fully experiencing themselves in the world around them. Taking actionable steps on a daily basis to build your self-confidence is just as important for creating a healthy and happy life as sticking to a healthy diet or keeping-up with your workout schedule. In fact, to be able to succeed long-term with your healthy habits, having self-confidence is key! Benefits of self-confidence: Maintaining motivation... View Article

How To Feel Better About Yourself In 3 Rewarding Ways

September 23, 2016 12:47 pm

Health and happiness isn’t all about food and fitness, its about looking after your overall wellbeing. A turning point to feeling happier for many of my clients, has been the act of putting themselves out to the world and finding people who inspire, motivate, encourage self-improvement, listen and love them for who they are. This has ranged from joining triathlete groups and running communities, to singing in a choir, raising money for charity and baking healthy cakes for work colleagues. Listed below are my 3 health coaching action steps recommended to put yourself out the world: How To Feel Better... View Article