What is Integrative Health and Nutrition Coaching?

Integrative Health and Nutrition coaching looks at the wellbeing as a “whole” by integrating a wholesome diet with emotional wellbeing and physical health, supporting clients to create overall wellness and a healthy lifestyle.

Integrative Health & Nutrition coaches look at the symptoms a client has and their current lifestyle and goals to create an individual coaching program, including diet, supplements, mindfulness, self-care rituals and physical activity.

Instead of prescribing one diet or way of exercising, a Health Coach creates personalised health and wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs.

Bio-individuality is key

Every person is extremely different; someone may thrive off a high-protein diet, while another person thrives on high-carb or high fat.

An Integrative Health and Nutrition coach’s goal is to create the health and wellness support that works best for the individual so they can create a lifestyle, which feels amazing, and can be maintained long-term.


“By creating a healthy body you are creating a healthy foundation. This prepares you to look deeper and find out what has been holding you back from achieving optimal health and happiness”

Heidi Jones bio

Empowering others to commit to transformational lifestyle change.

Heidi is an Advanced Integrative Health Coach (CHC), Certified International Health Coach (CIHC) and member of the International Association of Health Coaches (IAHC).

She is the coach for the ‘ordinary’ individuals who have the aspiration to transform their lifestyle from ‘ordinary’ to extraordinary.

Her health coaching methods are underpinned with research and focus on implementing preventative strategies for achieving and maintaining good health in all areas of life. She empowers her clients to take action and upgrade their behaviours and always strives for high performance and achieving quality results.

She supports them to overcome obstacles and limiting beliefs, focusing on the present and how to achieve what they want in their life now and in the future. Her clients walk away with much more than the knowledge of healthy eating, they become empowered, action focused and self-motivated to achieve life-long good health and improved overall happiness.

Alongside one-on-one coaching, group coaching and hosting wellness events, Heidi and has been featured in TimeOut Dubai for her success in changing career and The National Business, Dubai for her success as a health coach and the support she provides the local community. She is also Brand Ambassador for LuluLemon Athletica, Middle East.

Heidi advocates health and wellness and it is her own lifestyle transformation that brought her to integrative health coaching. Her work now involves promoting the importance of taking responsibility for your own health (physical) and happiness (emotional and spiritual health). As an avid thrill-seeker Heidi is never afraid to push her boundaries and challenge herself physically and mentally; since the start of her own health journey just over 4 years ago, she has progressed from running 5k road races to 72k mountain races across the globe, as well competing in cross-fit and obstacle events.

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